About Us

WORKBLISS is a full-service employee wellness agency.

WORKBLISS creates multi-lingual, omni-channel wellness experiences for national and global organizations.
WORKBLISS comprises a multidisciplinary team of wellness experts. These include Neuroscientists, Fitness Trainers, Clinical Psychologists, Learning & Development Professionals, Finance Coaches, Nutritionists, Ergonomists, Mindfulness Instructors & Occupational Therapists.


Our Mission is
To Be A Life Source For Your Workforce

We fulfil our mission by providing wellness sessions that cover multiple dimensions of wellbeing. Our comprehensive range of solutions ensure that the wellbeing needs of your workforce are met. Bespoke services are provided, enabling us to get to the root of your challenges and tailor custom solutions that tackle and mitigate health risks.

WORKBLISS provides employee wellbeing support for HR and Benefit teams. Designing, Building, Managing, Monitoring and Evaluating the success of wellness programs is our domain.
The WORKBLISS service enables a seamless programing experience by streamlining administration and cost procedures.

A resource for HR & Benefit Teams

Global Reach

WORKBLISS global reach is especially useful for multinational companies - delivering wellness sessions to locations that require additional support. In addition to Europe and North America, our services extend across India, Asia-Pacific and Latin America - thus enabling unified wellness messaging.
Programs are designed to reflect cultural perspectives.

WORKBLISS provides tools to enable your employees to function at their best. We also believe that elements of fun go a long way in creating workplace cultures that attract and retain top talent.
This is why we provide a selection of employee appreciation initiatives and other unconventional sessions that breathe fresh air into the work day.

Creating Healthier Happier Employees