Financial Wellbeing

WORKBLISS delivers a range of financial wellbeing seminars for the workplace.
These can be delivered for Lunch & Learns and Wellbeing Weeks.

Topics remain on-trend, tackling issues that matter most to employees.
See below for our current list of seminars, and contact us for further information on each topic.

* Increase Your Purchasing Power
* Smart Investing 101
* Wealth Creation Strategies
* Ten Tips To Improve Your Credit Score
* 1st Time HomeBuyers Workshop
* Improving Money Management
* Money Management Tips For Families
* Simple Hacks To Financial Freedom
* Retirement Planning Tips
* Make Your Money Go To Work
* Develop A Positive Money Mindset
* Strategies To Pay Debts Off Fast
* Financial Pitfalls To Avoid

WORKBLISS Financial Wellbeing Seminars are facilitated by 

Personal Finance Experts, Wealth Strategists, Financial Wellbeing Consultants
Financial Planners and Independent Financial Advisors.

They can be booked as 60 minute Lunch & Learns; 3 - 12 week programs; 1-1 Coaching; and Half/Full Day programs.

These sessions are also available as webinars.

Cost-effective solutions include booking class bundles.