Workplace Nutrition Seminars

Click here to see our current list of Nutrition Workshops. They can be taken as Lunch & Learns; or integrated within disease management programs.

Desk Snack Hacks

A workshop that shares quick and simple recipes, to transform desk snacking habits. These snacks are protein-packed; and give you an energy boost.

Smoothie Bike

This nutrition initiative blends fun, fitness and fruit. It's a good session that can help to boost mental and physical wellbeing; as well as inspiring healthy consumption.

Managing Cholesterol

This session shares healthy lifestyle habits and nutrient-rich foods to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Healthy Heart

A workshop that shares nutrient-rich foods, to help promote a healthy heart. It also shares foods to avoid, for healthy blood pressure levels.

Diabetes Prevention/Management

This holistic coaching workshop shares healthy lifestyle tips that can help prevent/manage diabetes. Available as a group seminar; 6 -12 month programs; and 1-1 coaching.

Raw Food Workshops

This workshop shares recipes that transform nuts, berries, fruit and vegetables into delicious health boosting cuisine - from Zoodles (zucchini noodles) to Energy Bars and more.

Hydration Workshops

This workshop shares healthy hydration tips to improve wellbeing. A great summer wellbeing workshop.

The Pop-Up Smoothie Bar

This practical nutrition initiative is great for employee appreciation and culture strategies. It provides an engaging approach that inspires healthy behaviours.

Meal Prepping 101

This workshop shares ways to keep yourself healthy during the week. Prep healthy meals. Store them and save time; so that when schedules get hectic, your nutrition stays in tact.

Herbal Medicine 101

This workshop is facilitated by certified Medicinal Herbalists; and introduces therapeutic herbs for improved wellbeing - sharing ways to integrate them into daily habits.

Gut Health & Digestion

This workshop shares actionable ways to boost digestive health - including healthy foods and lifestyle practices.