Workplace Nutrition Seminars

WORKBLISS delivers a range of nutrition seminars for the workplace.
These can be delivered for Lunch & Learns and Wellbeing Weeks.

Topics remain on-trend, tackling issues that matter most to employees.
See below for our current list of seminars, and contact us for further information on each topic.

* Simple Steps To Kick The Sugar Habit
* Energy Foods Workshop
* Foods & Moods - Boosting Mental Health With Nutrition
* Hidden Sodium
* Vitamins 101
* Sustainable Eating
* Plant Based Foods Tutorial
* Smoothie Making Workshop
* Eating Healthy On A Budget
* Understanding Food Nutrition Labels
* Store Cupboard Staples For Weeknight Dinners
* Building A Meal Plan
* Nutrition Hacks For Emotional Wellbeing
* Health & Lifestyle Coaching
* Nutrition, Hydration & Blood Pressure
* How To Begin: Superfoods & Plant Based Diets for A Healthy Blood Pressure

WORKBLISS Nutrition Health Seminars are facilitated by Nutritionists, Psychotherapists, Health Coaches and Clinical Specialists.

They can be booked as 60 minute presentations, or Half/Full Day programs.

These sessions are also available as webinars.

Cost-effective solutions include booking class bundle