Bespoke Online Health Content

Engage distributed, remote, and non-desk employees, 

with customized health content for intranet and wellness portals.

Wellness Webinars

A holistic selection of webinars on Mental Health, Heart Health, Financial Wellness, Nutrition, and more.
Book sessions to fit team schedule.
Upload completed webinars plus slides, as online wellness resources.

Livestream Fitness

Engage WFH employees with a wide range of live-streamed laptop fitness classes including Tai Chi, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and Desk Yoga.
Upload completed classes to intranet,
as online wellness resources.

Wellness Newsletters

Educational, informative and engaging wellness content. Filled with articles, tips and infographics on health, work, self-management, family and lifestyle.
Delivered according to required frequency - monthly, fortnightly, weekly.

Health Coaching

WORKBLISS Health Coaching enable a more personalized experience. Services include: 4-12 week Wellness Programs, 1-1 Health Coaching & Wellness Chat Rooms (with peer and professional support).

Wellness Videos & Podcasts

WORKBLISS Wellness Videos are 5-30 minute customized and on-demand content for organizations' wellness portal.
Podcasts provide expert conversations, as additional resources for your wellness hub.

Wellness Challenges

WORKBLISS Wellness Challenges tackle a range of inhibitors to wellbeing, by delivering fun and engaging challenges - supporting employees with lifestyle changes. Challenges include Sleep, Hydration, Low Sugar, Low Salt and more.