Alexander Technique Posture Workshop (ONSITE) 1hr


This workshop aims to restore the natural balance of the head, neck and back.

The introductory workshop shares techniques on how to gain upright postures which help boost the body-mind function. The focus is to educate on / remediate poor postural habits such as slouching or rounded shoulders; habits that accumulate over time and lead to musculoskeletal pain / unnecessary tension in the shoulders, neck or back.


Alexander Technique is a corrective posture class that uses postural alignment exercises and breathing techniques to help participants remain grounded, and move with poise, grace and confidence.

Sustained practice of these principles, help improve balance and coordination.

The workshop also has a strong focus on self awareness.

How does one’s breathing affect posture; self awareness is also developed in the sense of increased observation of one’s habits – increasing the ability to recognise good and bad habits and change where necessary.