Dealing With Overwhelming Workloads


This presentation shares actionable tips on how to thrive in the face of overwhelming workloads.

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Length: 1hr

Delivery Modes: Onsite Presentation & Webinar

Number of Participants:

  • Onsite Presentation: No limit
  • Webinar: 500+. For audiences greater than 500, please contact us.

Details: When to-do lists seem insurmountable, and workloads become unbearable, the brain may want to shut itself down. Procrastination, distraction, anxiety and sometimes extreme fatigue set in.

This workshop shares self-management techniques to help employees confidently face high workloads. Top Tips include

  • Self Discipline
  • Goal Setting & Time Management 
  • Setting Mental & Physical Boundaries
  • Communication Skills
  • Lifestyle Habits
  • Mindfulness & Relaxation Techniques

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