Designing A Strong Social Impact Strategy – Onsite

An authentic social impact strategy goes far beyond occasional acts of goodwill. It is a movement deeply embedded in a company’s values,  its long term strategy and its daily operations.

This one day workshop aims to:

  • Introduce the concept of Social Impact as a Corporate Future-Proofing Strategy
  • Provide Measurable procedures to align purpose with profit
  • Evolve existing Corporate Social Responsibility policies

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Companies driven by ethical values and purpose are reported to be more profitable, innovative, attractive to a competitive talent pool, and the brand of choice for a growing conscious consumer base.

Length: Full Day (8hrs including breaks)

Delivery Modes: Onsite Workshop

Number of participants: 15

Details: The aim of this workshop is to provide a refreshing perspective on social impact and corporate responsibility. Subjects examined include:

  • An introduction to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Why have a social impact strategy
  • Developing an authentic social impact message – Identifying the Cause; Understanding the Why; Find your Angle; Defining the Vision & Aspirations
  • Building your Social Impact Framework – Constructing goals and priorities; Leveraging products and services
  • Systematizing initiatives with corporate strategy – Aligning Purpose with Profit
  • Performing a Supply Chain Analysis
  • Aligning initiatives with The 3 Pillars of Sustainability
  • Developing an Impact Measurement Framework