Developing A Growth Mindset

The term ‘Growth mindset’ was coined by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, and is defined as the belief that one can enhance their intelligence, and develop their abilities through training, hard work, self belief and consistent effort.
In her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success  Carol writes, “a growth mindset thrives on challenge and sees failure “not as evidence of un-intelligence but as a heartening springboard for growth and for stretching our existing abilities.”

This presentation introduces the ‘Growth Mindset’ to employees, elucidating the rigidity of a fixed mindset, and sharing habits to develop a mindset for success.


Length: 1hr – 7hrs (Full day)

Delivery modes: Onsite Presentations, Webinars & Pre-recorded 1hr tutorials (for wellness portals).

Number of Participants:

  • Onsite Presentation 1hr:  No limit
  • Onsite Workshop – Full Day: 15 – designed for senior leaders / executives
  • Webinar – Full Day:  up to 75 participants – designed for senior leaders / executives
  • Webinar Presentation – 1hr: 500+. For audiences greater than 500, please contact us.

Details: A growth mindset allows individuals to move forward without fear of failing; to embrace risks and challenges – seeing them as opportunities for development. This naturally leads to increased resilience and adaptability. This presentation illuminates the fixed-mindset attitude inherent within individuals, and shares ways employees can develop their growth mindset.Topics include:

  • Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset
  • Building A Growth Mindset
  • Challenges & Opportunities
  • Critical Voice vs. Can-do voice
  • External Validation vs. Intrinsic Passion for Learning

Languages Available: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Malay, Mandarin, Arabic, Korean and Japanese.

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This is a holistic wellbeing presentation, and is not intended to be taken as, or replace medical advice. For personal issues concerning health, participants are advised to conduct their personal research before making lifestyle changes, or seek the services of their chosen health professional.