Developing Purposeful Organizations


Having a purpose is good for business. It instils a level of pride in employees, nurtures intrinsic motivation, inspires discretionary effort and can develop a sense of ownership.

Developing a purpose-driven company aids a company’s transformation process – essential for growth, adaptability, innovation and staying ahead of the curve.

The aim of this strategic workshop is to shift worn-out practices by identifying limiting beliefs and unhelpful cultural patterns; thus establishing a fresh modern approach that reflects current vision and ethics – with actionable measures towards building a future-fit progressive company.



A purpose-driven organization fuels employee engagement and boosts organizational effectiveness. Purpose can also be strongly aligned with profit. In this modern-day era, consumer choices are increasingly driven by sustainable and ethical values. Companies that embrace this principle have been shown to be 400% more profitable than S&P 500 companies.

A Harvard Business Review|Beacon Institute (EY) global survey of senior executives collected the following results:

  • 89% responded that a strong sense of collective purpose drives employee satisfaction
  • 84% responded that purpose can help a company transform itself
  • 80% say that purpose helps increase customer loyalty

Furthermore, 87% of executives that responded to a Deloitte culture survey believe that their company’s long term performance is far superior when purpose is placed beyond profit

Length: One Day (8hrs – including breaks)

Delivery Mode: Onsite Workshop & Web Training

Number of participants:

  • Onsite Workshop: 15
  • Web Training: 75

Details:  This full day strategic workshop is designed for senior leaders. It takes participants through the steps of creating a purpose-driven company, sharing creative techniques to identify/discover vision and purpose, with tools to solidify this abstract concept into clear, manageable procedures. Topics analyzed include:

  • Start with the WHY. Identifying Vision & Articulating Purpose
  • Communicating Purpose, Mission, Vision & Values
  • Creating an Intentional Culture – Creating Shared Value, Value Alignment & Organizational Wellbeing
  • Creating a space for people to succeed – Meaningful Work, Cooperation, Collaboration & Continuous Investment
  • Developing Purpose-driven leaders
  • Corporate Social Responsibility | Social Impact Strategy
  • Exploring the Triple Bottom Line Framework

How booking works:

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  3. WORKBLISS contacts you via a call to confirm the booking, and arrange for additional requirements if necessary.

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