Digital Detox | Managing Technology Overload 1hr – Onsite


A one hour workshop that sheds light on the impact of excessive technology use on mental, physical and social wellbeing; with solutions to help reduce addiction to technology.

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The increasing digitisation of the modern world means more time spent with technology in our professional and personal lives. Excessive technology use can lead to imbalances in emotional and social wellbeing.

Taking frequent breaks from digital activity can boost wellbeing. This workshop takes a look at how tech-timeouts can be embedded into the work day. The content of this workshop is as follows:

  • Analysing the phobias associated with excessive tech-use including nomophobia and FOMO (fear of missing out).
  • The effects of excessive tech-use on general wellbeing including energy levels, sleep, cognitive performance, mental/emotional/physical/social wellbeing
  • Incorporating tech-timeouts into the workday – mini daily digital detoxes
  • Improving sleep health with nightly digital detoxes