Driver Ergonomics: 1 day/7hrs (ONSITE Workshop)


A Full Day workshop provides in-depth solutions to tackle your unique musculoskeletal health requirements. In addition to a general workshop, 1-1 assessments of vehicle design and selection, posture, mental wellbeing, and daily habits are carried out. Key MSK risks are analyzed, with solutions are provided.



This full day package provides in-depth analysis of MSDs faced by drivers. Solutions and healthy practices are shared on how to be MSK healthy whilst driving.

The day session includes

  • Workplace Evaluation
  • MSK risk assessments
  • Workshops for employees. Topics include:
    • Common Repetitive Driving Injuries (RDIs)
    • Causes – Improper habits that cause RDIs
    • Ergonomic Solutions

Solutions are provided on how to embed healthy practices into processes. These solutions can be developed into bespoke training programs, based on the evaluation of risk assessments.