Driver Ergonomics


This service analyzes key MSK risks facing workers in transportation, and provides tailored solutions to improve health and organizational outcomes – suitable for Long distance lorry drivers, Field sales personnel, Pilots, Public transport workers, and Public health/Public security personnel.

Use this service as a component within a musculoskeletal health program.

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The introductory workshop is tailored to meet the requirements of your workforce’ sharing actionable tips on postures and habits for improved musculoskeletal health on-the-road. Topics include:

  • Common Repetitive Driving Injuries (RDIs)
  • Causes – Improper habits that cause RDIs
  • Ergonomic Solutions

A Full Day workshop provides in-depth analysis and solutions to tackle key  musculoskeletal health risks. In addition to a general workshop, 1-1 assessments of vehicle design and selection, posture, mental wellbeing, and daily habits are carried out.

Following from this, we deliver 6 and 12 month training programs. These are designed to track performance, and measure effectiveness, with ongoing support provided in the form of monthly assessments, serving to reinforce and manage solutions.