Emotional Intelligence For Mental Health 1hr – Onsite


A one hour workshop that introduces the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), with actionable tips on how to boost EQ personally and professionally.

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is described as the enhanced ability to manage one’s emotions,
as well as the emotions of others.
EQ consists of 5 core components, namely:
  • Self-awareness – recognising and understanding one’s moods and emotions, and their impact on others
  • Self-regulation – controlling impulses and moods
  • Intrinsic motivation – driven to pursue goals for personal goals rather that external gratification
  • Empathy – recognising and understanding the emotions of others
  • Social skills
A High EQ can positively impact work performance, personal success, leadership effectiveness and quality of life. Benefits include improved self management of work-related stress, improved personal and professional relations, and increased empathy.
This introductory workshop analyses each component, and provides a framework to develop personal emotional intelligence.