Gong & Sound Meditation

Treat your employees to a relaxing meditative experience – a soothing outlet for Stress Relief. This one hour sound meditation experience leaves participants feeling refreshed and energized.

Sound baths can be used onsite as a wellness perk, or integrated within a team offsite.



Length: 1hr

Delivery mode: Onsite or Offsite.

Number of participants: up to 50.

Details: Gong & Sound meditation (also known as Gong/Sound Baths) involves utilising frequencies/vibrations of therapeutic instruments, for the purpose of reducing stress, improving emotional wellbeing and inducing deep relaxation.

Instruments within a session often combine Gongs, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Chimes, Crystal Singing Bowls, Light Drums and the human voice.

The session begins with an introductory meditation. Participants then relax as they are guided through a sound journey that comprises multiple harmonic frequencies.

In addition to the relaxing yet rejuvenating effects, it is also believed that a deep sound bath can help heal emotional blockages, improve sleep quality, and improve self management of stress.


  • A space large enough to contain your desired number of participants – sitting or lying down on yoga mats
  • A relatively quiet room to enhance the experience.
  • Yoga mat per participant (if needed).


  • A non-carpeted floor. This accentuates the sounds and vibrations of the instruments.

Do you need yoga mats for this session? Then check out our Yoga Mat Hire page.

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