Group Singing Workshop – 4 Week Package


A four week Group Singing Program.

A great way to increase happiness at work, reduce stress, eliminate anxiety, tackle depression, enhance workplace culture and boost team morale.

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This four week package is designed to boost confidence, allowing participants to pick up new skills, to form friendships and to enjoy their workplace. The content of each week varies, with vocal warm-up exercises, group harmonies and singing sessions being the main players.

Numerous studies concur that much elation is to be derived from the act of singing. This could be from the endorphins said to be released during this act; or indeed from the release of the feel good chemical – serotonin. Elation may also occur because of the release of oxytocin – known as the social bonding hormone. When combined, these can do wonders for emotional and social wellbeing – helping to reduce anxiety, isolation and depression.

The deep breathing element of this uplifting session makes it a great initiative for stress relief.

Group singing is said to increase a sense of belonging – thus boosting social wellbeing.