Grow Your Vegetables!

This workshop shares simple container gardening tips. A great session for those with an interest in ethical consumption, or want access to organic vegetables without the associated costs.

Horticulture is also a way to boost mental and emotional wellbeing. Onsite, offsite and virtual options available.

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Length: 1 – 3.5hrs

Delivery mode: Onsite Workshop. Webinar

Number of participants: 25

Details:  This practical workshop shares tips on starting a mini organic vegetable garden.

This session is useful for those who live in small urban spaces yet want to benefit from growing their own food. Also useful for those that are looking for budget friendly ways to stay healthy. Great for balconies, kitchens, patios, rooftops and offices.

Gardening is also said to boost emotional and mental wellbeing. Topics include:

  • Buying seeds vs. buying seedlings
  • Organic seeds – resources
  • Indoor and outdoor plants
  • Choosing the right size pot
  • Plant life cycles
  • Seasonal herbs and vegetables

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