Health, Work & Lifestyle: Super


This Health, Work & Lifestyle Super Package includes the following elements:

  • 50 x Fitness Classes  (a combination of Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, HIIT)
  • 12 Onsite Wellbeing Presentations (Financial Wellbeing, Mental Health & Nutrition)
  • 12 x Full Day Massage Therapy (2 therapists)
  • 7 x Mental Wellbeing Experiences  (excl. Pop-Up Smoothie Bar)
  • 7 x Mindfulness Meditation Workshops

These sessions are valid within a 12 month period, and can be spread across multiple locations.

Presentations are delivered at your chosen location.

When booking, please use the additional information box, to state preferred services/dates/times of service delivery. Alternatively, call or email us –


These sessions are valid for a 12 month period from booking date. They can be spread across multiple locations. Services are delivered onsite unless specified otherwise, e.g., team off-sites.

This is a well-rounded package that encompasses Physical, Mental, Financial & Social wellbeing.

This package consists of:

If you’d like a different package to fit a unique set of requirements/budget, get in touch –