Healthy Bones, Muscles, Joints & Posture Workshop (ONSITE) 4 Week Program


This 4 week series is tailored to suit your workplace environment, and address the musculoskeletal issues faced by your employees.

Further information is provided on nutrient-rich foods for bone health, as well as daily habits for present and future musculoskeletal health.

For more details, see below for a longer description.

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Does poor sitting postures cause neck pain, slouched shoulders or dowager’s hump ? Improper lifting of materials cause lower back pain? Or perhaps, leaning towards a computer screen for long periods causing forward head postures?

These issues are tackled, with this 4 week series, to tackle the MSDs prevalent in your workplace.

Content includes the following:

  • Addressing hazards and risks
  • Morning stretches to maintain a healthy MSK
  • Bone Health Nutrition
  • Healthy Ageing – MSK strategies
  • Exercises to correct Dowager’s Hump (if requested)