Hula Hooping


A one hour hula hooping workshop that boosts physical, mental and social wellbeing

This fun fitness session is a great way to break up sedentary behaviour at work. It’s a good exercise that can add to team bonding experiences.

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Hula Hooping can be used as an enjoyable musculoskeletal /physical and mental health strategy. Benefits include:

  • Physical Health – providing a full body workout. Regular hooping sessions can help strengthen stomach muscles and keep the waistline trim. The practice of hooping is said to work on a collection of core muscles that improve balance, coordination and stamina; as well as working on the muscles that surround the lower spine – helping with back health. Depending on difficulty levels, hooping can also help improve upper and lower limb coordination.
  • Psychological Health – It can be a mood booster, by providing stress relief and enhancing social connections.
  • Increased Cognitive Performance – It’s aerobic fitness element increases the circulation of fresh oxygenated blood to the brain. Studies show that physical exercise increases brain volume in areas linked to reasoning and executive function.