Skill Building Improv Workshops


This workshop provides creative tools to support the development of personal and organizational skills.

The training aims to boost communication and organizational skills using an informal approach.

Participants are led through various exercises that develop listening/social/presentation/conversation/quick thinking skills.

This session enables participants to come out of their comfort zone and can provide inspiration for dealing with awkward situations at work.

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Length: 1hr

Delivery mode: Onsite Workshop

Number of participants: 25

Details:  Improv workshops are a popular way to develop essential business skills such as assertiveness, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, lateral thinking, interpersonal skills, risk taking, creativity, agility and adaptability. This active workshop involves practical exercises that bring the best out of employees – encouraging freedom of expression and quick thinking.

Sessions can be used to boost motivation, engagement and team cohesivity. These sessions can also be tailored for Management & Leadership training programs.

How booking works:

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