Laughter Yoga Session

This stress relief session involves a combination of self-induced laughter exercises, relaxation techniques, and yogic breathing.

A good session for stress relief and team bonding.


Length: 1hr

Delivery mode: Onsite, Offsite & Online

Number of participants: No set limit

Details: Laughter is the best medicine. Current studies show this to be true. Laughter holds a multitude of benefits. The most obvious are those for mental wellbeing – with a good giggle helping to reduce stress hormones and boost moods.

Laughter is a great way to improve employee relations. This session can be used as a creative way to tackle workplace conflict. It’s a fun session for an anger management initiative.

It is believed that voluntary laughter – such as this session – provides the same psychological and physiological benefits as spontaneous laughter.

Other benefits include improved functionality of the blood vessels, strengthened immune system and increased team morale

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