Menopause In The Workplace

A one hour workshop that raises awareness of menopause, and introduces strategies to create an open and supportive culture.



Length: 1hr

Delivery modes: Onsite Presentations, Webinars & Pre-recorded tutorials (for wellness portals).

Number of participants:

  • Onsite Workshop: No set limit
  • Webinar: 500. For audiences greater than 500, please contact us.

Details:  This one hour workshop increases awareness of menopause. During the session, we will:

  • Tackling The Stigma – Encourage Conversation & Increase Awareness. Creating an Open & Supportive Culture
  • Explore the benefits of providing support for this rapidly growing demographic
  • Holistic approach to health and wellbeing programs.

Would you like dedicated awareness training for managers and executives?

Perhaps, you’d like to implement policies to reinforce your commitment towards creating a menopause friendly organisation.

Connect with us to discuss your requirements.