Osteopathy (1 Day|7hrs)


This therapy is useful for workplaces that experience high rates of absence due to musculoskeletal disorders – addressing niggling problems with a range of techniques such as massage and stretching.

A one day session allows for some treatments and 1-1 consultations. A regular Osteopathy service can be integrated within a musculoskeletal health program; and used as preventive, early intervention and recovery tool.

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This session provides relief from lingering aches and pains. A one hour session can be split into three 20 minute blocks.

A one day session allows for 1-1 consultations – addressing individual issues.

Osteopathy can be useful for workplaces where overexertion of the upper and lower limbs, or lower back pain is a persistent issue. It’s a useful service for Injury Prevention | Stress Management | Absence Management and Health & Safety.

The practice is a specialised form of massage therapy that identifies existing MSDs; and uses a combination of movements, stretching and massage to help reduce and prevent future issues – ensuring a harmonious relationship between the muscles, ligaments, bones and connective tissue.

The focus is on the joints, muscles and spine, with benefits that include:

  • Increased joint mobility
  • Reduced tension in the body, helping to reduce migraines
  • Improved spinal postures
  • A boost to circulation. This provides the body with fresh oxygenated blood, helping to boost cognitive performance thus reducing injuries and enhancing productivity.