Osteopathy (1hr)


This therapy is useful for workplaces that experience high rates of absence due to musculoskeletal disorders. This remedial therapy addresses niggling problems with a range of techniques that include massage and stretching.

This helps to maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system, ensuring a harmonious interdependence between the muscles, ligaments, bones and connective tissue.

Osteopathy can be useful for workplaces where overexertion of the upper and lower limbs, or lower back pain is a persistent issue.

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This session provides relief from lingering aches and pains. A one hour session can be split into three 20 minute blocks.

Osteopathy helps to boost MSK wellbeing in many ways. This therapy can be used to treat back pain and reduce arthritic pains.

The practice is a specialised form of massage therapy that identifies existing MSDs; and uses a combination of movements, stretching and massage to help reduce and prevent future issues.

The focus is on the joints, muscles and spine, with benefits that include:

  • Increased joint mobility
  • Reduced tension in the body, helping to reduce migraines
  • Improved spinal postures
  • A boost to circulation. This provides the body with fresh oxygenated blood, helping to boost cognitive performance thus reducing injuries and enhancing productivity.