Plant Based Foods – Presentation

This presentation explores the concept of plant-based/whole foods diet; and offers tips on how to incorporate their principles into daily consumption habits.

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Length: 1hr

Delivery modes: Onsite Presentations, Webinars & Pre-recorded tutorials (for wellness portals).

Number of participants:

  • Onsite Presentation: No set limit
  • Webinar: 500. For audiences greater than 500, please contact us.

Details:  What is a plant-based diet? How can it help improve health and wellbeing? This presentation shares knowledge on this food group

  • Explore evidence of health promoting qualities – Mediterranean Diet
  • Locally sourced organic foods
  • Five a Day targets
  • Vitamins, Minerals & Fibre
  • Health impact & benefits

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This is a nutrition education workshop, and is not intended as medical advice. For personal issues, participants are advised to seek the services of their chosen health professional.