Pop-Up Wellness Party

Pop-Up Wellness Parties provide engaging and unique experiences for the workplace.

This is a bold initiative for companies who dare to do things differently. Your bespoke package blends music, stress relief, fitness and social wellbeing initiatives. This session is designed to take place at work. You may also choose to integrate this experience within a team offsite.

Try out one of these packages, or connect with WORKBLISS to create your unique wellness themed productivity party.

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Length: 1-2hours

Delivery mode: Onsite or Offsite.

Number of participants: Recommended 10-50+

How it works: A Pop-Up Wellness/Productivity Party blends multiple streams of wellbeing to create memorable experiences for your team.

These alcohol-free mini parties promote healthy ways to have fun. They nurture genuine connections within the workplace, and help boost emotional wellbeing.

Your package combines a range of activities to create unique experiences that are great for Cognitive Performance, Productivity, Talent Attraction/Retention, Workplace Culture & Employee Wellbeing.

How does it work?

Each mini-party takes place at your work-site, and has a recommended 1-2 hour time frame. Create an experience that matches your culture – from mild to intense. E.g.,

  • Start the day like a warrior with a Power Haka Session ( ‘Haka’ – a New Zealand warrior dance that celebrates a tribe’s pride, strength and unity), followed by a round of Breakfast Smoothies.
  • A ‘Rise & Shine’ mini morning party package (07:00-08:30) can combine either a Harp Meditation Experience or a Silent Disco Yoga fitness session, with a Smoothie Bar serving Plant Based Breakfasts.
  • At Lunch (12:15-13:15), host a live gig in your breakout area – choose the music style – From Jazz, String Quartets & Classical Music to Hip Hop & Rap; Blues & Country to Pop Rock & Dance.
  • Slay the afternoon 3pm slump with an Energy Booster mini party (15:00-16:00), complete with plant based energy and protein bars, smoothie bikes and a Live DJ playing some uplifting tunes.
  • Finish the day off like a winner with post-work stress relief sessions (17:30-19:00). From Calligraphy & Kombucha Evenings, to an experience that blends Gong Ceremony with Personal Development followed by alcohol-free cocktails.

These sessions generally last for 1-2 hours, and can be taken

  • Rise & Shine Experiences – 07:00-09:00
  • Lunchtime Life & Discovery Sessions – 12:00-14:00
  • Mid Afternoon Energy Boosters – 15:00-18:00
  • Post Work Social – 17:00-19:00


Pop-Up Parties create happy workplaces – generating multiple benefits.

  • An unconventional wellness initiative such as a pop-up party can help boost innovation, dynamism and creativity.
  • Happy workers are less stressed out. They have a positive attitude, are self confident and take great joy in their work. Science agrees, with studies that show happy employees to be more productive and engaged.
  • Happy Employees and Happier clients/customers are inextricably linked. A Forbes article cites  “The State of the American Workplace” Gallup Poll, which reports that engaged employees are more likely to improve customer relationships, with a resulting 20% increase in sales.

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