Retirement Planning

This presentation introduces and develops understanding of retirement planning, with key strategies to strengthen future financial security.

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Length: 90 minutes

Delivery modes: Onsite Presentations, Webinars & Pre-recorded tutorials (for wellness portals).

Number of participants:

  • Onsite Presentation: No limit
  • Webinar: 500. For audiences greater than 500, please contact us.

Details: This presentation serves as a foundation to understanding retirement planning, sharing simple strategies to save and generate future income. Topics explored include:

  • Recognising attitudes towards money and the future
  • Pension types – Making good choices
  • Identify Income generating assets
  • Mapping priorities
  • Developing financial security with planning principles
  • Investments & Risk

Languages Available: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Malay, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese.

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These workshops provide general education, aimed at increasing knowledge and improving financial habits. The information does not constitute personal financial advice.