Returning back to work after COVID-19 lockdown

Finding a base for Joy in crisis 

How did you experience this crisis and what can you learn from it to help you move forward as a human organisation while so much remains uncertain? 


Workshop overview: 

We create a safe space to reflect on some of the challenges, positive experiences and learning of the confinement, especially around the themes of safety, cooperation, connection and freedom. You will learn to deal with complex, difficult emotions and fears, let go of them and cultivate uplifting emotions that not only boost your immune system but also help you release stress. The pivotal question we address in this workshop is: “what positive aspect do you wish to take with you from this crisis into your new life as an individual and a professional?” 

What your teams will learn: To navigate through their complex emotions and reflect on their fears and needs. To be empowered to consciously choose to step away from fear & stress, promoting a joyful way of life, despite the context. Practical tips to use on a daily basis after the workshop to leverage by themselves. 

What this workshop is built upon: 

Principles of Emotional intelligence and Non-Violent Communication. Neuroscience of stress release and brain / heart coherence. Transformation, compassion and mindfulness meditation 

Why this workshop? 

This workshop is as much about finding meaning as a team and individuals than about building resilience and hope. As we have experienced one of the largest global human crises of our times, unprecedented in many ways, and transitioning out of it with great uncertainty and vulnerability, businesses can play a pivotal role in supporting their employees to transition back to work successfully by leading the conversation and making them feel safe and resourceful. Some people have experienced unsettling, disturbing and intense emotions in the face of the drastic changes in their lives, social and economic restrictions or health challenges, while others have navigated with ease. Yet, everyone’s life has been touched by COVID and the return to work comes with intense uncertainty and continued loss of control, which will occupy people’s minds and affect their psychological safety. 

Setting: On site or online – 90 minutes in groups of max 12 people. Workshop can be delivered in English, French or Spanish.