Steps To Kick The Sugar Habit: 1hr Workshop


This workshop shares simple processes that can help to eliminate sugar from one’s diet. It explains the psychology behind sugar addiction, and shares simple habits and nutrition alternatives to help kick the sugar habit.

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Why does the body have strong cravings for something sweet? Are there healthier ways to pacify sugar cravings?

This workshop explores these questions will be explored in depth, offering solutions to help reduce cravings and eliminate processed sugars from one’s diet.

Topics include:

  • The psychology behind sugar cravings and the sweet tooth
  • Effects of excess sugar on physical/mental health and energy levels
  • Understanding food labels
  • Fructose vs. Glucose
  • Healthy sugars – natural substitutes
  • Healthy habits to kick sugar addiction
This is a nutrition education workshop. For personal issues concerning nutrition, participants are advised to seek advice from their chosen health professional.