Sleep Health & Digestion

This presentation explores the connection between the circadian system, emotional wellbeing and gastrointestinal health.

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Length: 1hr

Delivery modes: Onsite Presentations, Webinars & Pre-recorded tutorials (for wellness portals).

Number of participants:

  • Onsite Presentation: No limit
  • Webinar: 500. For audiences greater than 500, please contact us.

Details: This presentation analyses the concept of the microbiome-gut-brain axis, sharing current thought on:

  • The role that sleep plays for improved digestive health
  • How the gut microbiome affects sleep quality
  • Daily tips for improved sleep quality and gut health

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This is a holistic health education workshop, and is not intended to replace medical advice. For personal issues concerning the circadian and digestion systems,  participants are advised to seek the services of their chosen health professional.