Strategies To Pay Debts Off Fast


These workshops share simple steps to help reduce debts fast.

The full day workshop builds a solid foundation to support individual debt management strategies  Рsharing practical tools that can help reduce debt fast.

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The one hour workshop shares actionable practices to help individuals reduce debt fast. Topics include:

  • Tracking Spending
  • Goal setting
  • Budgeting
  • Faster repayment strategies

The full day workshop is packed with tools to help individuals reduce their debt.

Topics include:

  • Goal setting, focus and discipline
  • Zero-sum budgeting
  • Evaluating spending habits
  • Tackling bills
  • Paying with Cash vs. Credit cards
This Financial Education Workshop is delivered Independent Financial Advisors, members of the FCA (UK) and FINRA (USA). This means they adhere to a strict code of conduct. These workshops provide general education, aimed at increasing knowledge and improving financial habits. The information should not be treated as personal financial advice.