Tai Chi


A gentle exercise form with multiple benefits for Heart Health, Musculoskeletal Health & Stress Relief.

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This gentle form of exercise is accessible to all fitness levels and holds multiple benefits for physical and mental wellbeing.

Organ Health РThe constant twisting and turning movements provide beneficial compressions for internal organs, including the kidneys Рhelping to improve organ health and  circulation.

Stress Relief – The deep breathing element of Tai Chi cultivates a stillness that helps to reduce stress.

Cognitive Function РThe visioning and imagery aspect of Tai Chi  promotes a sharper mind, helping to boost focus and improves the memory function.

Blood Pressure / Cardiovascular Health – Research also shows that it is effective in reducing blood pressure, making it great for heart health.

An article in the Harvard Medical Journal stated regular Tai Chi practice can help individuals to process information more rapidly, juggle multiple tasks and sharpen focus on details.