Tea Meditation Ceremony (1hr)


A one hour meditation experience session that stimulates the senses, brings tranquillity to the mind and invigorates the spirit.

This workshop can be taken on-site as a creative outlet for stress relief. It can also be used for team off-sites.

See below for more details.

N.B – When booking, use the additional information box to include date|time|address for onsite workshops. For bespoke wellness programs, contact us – hello@workbliss.co.


Would like to reward your team with a unique meditation experience that stimulates the senses and induces intense calm?

Then this may be the session for you.

Tea meditation is performed in noble silence with the facilitator gently guiding participants through the experience.

This session is designed to enhance awareness and stimulate the senses. The tea leaves used are sourced from the mountains of East Asia.

During the ceremony, attention is focused on tea, its colour, aroma.

Participants watch carefully how water merges with heat, remembering that our body is a precious vessel. Each movement is performed with complete awareness and presence, with attention given to the importance of every object and every action.

Simply drinking tea, brewing it, listening to the sound of wind outside and the sound of boiling water helps opens pathways to inner harmony and balance of mind – providing an opportunity to be in the present moment without ruminating about the past or worrying about the future.



  • Access to a water heater/kettle
  • A clear room – preferably without tables/desks, allowing participants to experience the session in a circle


  • A meditation cushion/bolster per person to sit on. This really adds to the session, making it an authentic meditative experience. Chairs can also be used for this session.

If you’d like to add meditation cushions to your experience, please visit Meditation Cushion Hire.