Workplace Psychology – Handling Difficult Clients 90mins – Onsite


A 90 minute workshop, filled with smart psychological tips on how to turn difficult clients into a loyal customer base.

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Clients can be difficult for a number of reasons. This presents an opportunity for your team to dig into their emotional quotient supplies, giving your client reasons to remain loyal. Challenges are often opportunities in disguise.

Satisfied customers are the bread and butter of successful companies. Repeat business plus word of mouth marketing are very powerful ways to build and maintain Reputation, Profitability & Market Share. It’s therefore imperative to empathise with the clients’ position, knowing that they could hold the key to success and breakthrough.

This 90 minute workshop shares some emotional intelligence techniques that:

  • Increase Self Awareness – minimising unnecessary reactions
  • Build Customer Engagement
  • Develop Empathy and Care
  • Create A Positive Mindset/Emotional States
  • Turn Challenges into Opportunities