Mental Wellbeing Seminars

Click here to view a collection of seminars, designed to help employees cope with excessive stress.

Group Ukulele Lessons

A fun team bonding musical session that increases emotional, mental and social wellbeing.

Gong Sound Meditation

A very calming meditation session, great for relieving stress and boosting energy.

Creative/Expressive Writing

A creative workshop that works to boost mental wellbeing, and enhance the cognitive function.

Jam Session

A group musical session - a perfect antidote to stress, anxiety and depression.

Language Classes

This session helps to boost cognitive health. A wide range of languages are available.

Singing Workshop

This group session helps to relieve tension, reduce depression and bond teams. Other benefits include an improved sleep quality and respiratory health.

Horticulture Workshops

Nature-inspired workshops, known to boost wellbeing. Sessions include Terrarium Building; Bonsai Growing; and Medicine Wheel Garden.

The Smoothie Sessions

Click here to see our collection of Sessions that combine Fun & Fruit to provide stress relief.


This workshop equips employees with self-management tools for improved mental health.

Massage Therapy

A workplace wellness favourite - relieves stress and improves musculoskeletal health.

Drum Circle

A group workshop that is reported to help reduce the feeling of isolation. A great energy booster.

Didgeridoo Sound Therapy

A unique meditation session that can help to relieve musculoskeletal tension.

Tea Meditation Ceremony

A unique meditation session that heightens self awareness and stimulates the senses.


A fitness session that requires concentration and tons of focus. This helps to boost the cognitive function; and is a booster for mental wellbeing.

Bushcraft Skills

A nature-inspired workshop - usually an element of a retreat - that consists of conservation skills; nature based craft; and outdoor survival skills.

Art Therapy

An introspective and creative session that boosts emotional wellbeing and promotes team bonding.

Forest Therapy

A nature-inspired workshop that uses the forest atmosphere to boost mental health.

Group Juggling Workshops

A fun team building session that also doubles up as mini-workout. Great as a Mood Elevator.

Laughter Yoga

A workshop that uses laughter-based exercises to boost psychological and physiological wellbeing.

Silent Disco Yoga

A Fun Fitness Session that combines music, yoga and meditation. Great for wellbeing week

Team Retreats

A bespoke retreat that takes place deep in nature. Great for team-building and emotional wellbeing.

Herbal Remedies Workshop

This session shares the therapeutic properties of herbs. Practical Workshops include Herbal Tea Blending; and Making Immunity Oils.

Herbal Walks

A nature-inspired workshop that introduces the therapeutic properties of everyday local herbs for mental health promotion.