Pop-Up Smoothie Bar

A Great Way to Start the Week/ End The Week, A Healthy Lunchtime Treat, Share The Benefits Of Healthy Nutrition, Introduce How Easy & Delicious it is to pack in some amazing nutrients.
An interactive and engaging Workplace Nutrition strategy.
Add to your Smoothie Bar, Plant Based Snacks, Breakfast & Lunches.
This service can be used for Breakfast Seminars, Team Away Days, Employee Rewards, Health Awareness Promotion, Wellbeing Weeks, Recruitment Fairs, Conferences and more.
The Pop-Up Smoothie Bar caters for teams of 10-10,000+.
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Smoothie Bike

This session blends Fun, Fitness, Fresh Fruit (and maybe Fridays) to create a wholesome team bonding session.
This makes a great Cardiovascular Health Strategy - and provides an interactive element when educating, nurturing and encouraging healthy nutrition habits.
It's also a great way to relieve stress. The combination of a physical exertion when blending, giggles with colleagues, and a healthy smoothie afterwards is a great mood elevator.
Book 1 - 5+ Bikes to generate engagement during your next Team Building Day / Wellbeing Week / Exhibition / Conferences / Graduate Recruitment Fair.
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Smoothie Making Workshops

These sessions showcase recipe ideas.
This session provides a Fun, Practical & Interactive alternative to traditional Hydration Seminars. Workshops include:
Happy Hour Smoothie Session (a workshop that shares ingredients known for their mood elevating qualities)
Power Hour Smoothie Session (a fantastic mid afternoon workshop to tackle the 3pm Energy Slump - showcases ingredients known for their energy reviving qualities)
Winter Smoothie / Summer Smoothie Workshop (sharing ingredients known for either their immune boosting / extra hydrating / cooling qualities)
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