Wellness Challenges

Employees get fit and healthy,

with challenges that cover multiple pillars of wellbeing.

Nutrition Challenges

A collection of challenges designed to
elevate Nutrition & Consumption habits.

Challenges include:
14 Day Hydration Challenge
30 Day Low Sodium Challenge
30 Day No Sugar Challenge
30 Day Vegetarian Challenge

Fitness Challenges

A collection of challenges designed to
Boost Health & Personal Fitness Levels.

Challenges include:
30 Day Posture Awareness Challenge
10,000 Steps A Day Challenge
30 Day Tai Chi Challenge
30 Day At Home Workout Challenge

Health & Lifestyle

A collection of challenges aimed at
Improving Mental & Physical Wellbeing.

Challenges include:
10 Day Sleep Awareness Challenge
30 Day Mindfulness Challenge
30 Day Gratitude Challenge
30 Day Plastic-Free Challenge