Employee Wellness Newsletters

Customized Health Content for Wellness Portals & Intranet

Keep your remote workforce healthy and engaged, with a robust online wellness platform.

Weekly/Monthly employee wellness newsletters provide engaging content to boost personal wellness habits.

Wellness Information

Educational and engaging wellness content.

Filled with articles, tips and infographics on
Mental Health, Nutrition, Heart Health, Work,
Self-Care, Family, and Lifestyle.

Content includes action points from delivered webinars; and can be designed to align with global/regional health awareness months.

Curated by Chiropractors, Respiratory Therapists, and WORKBLISS wellness professionals.

Recipe Cards

Daily and weekly meal plans

Curated by Dietitians and Nutritionists.

Recipes are tailored to support busy professionals and shift workers, by encouraging healthy and wholesome home cooking - minimizing dependence on takeouts/ processed foods.

Content includes Healthy Heart Diet, Energy Boost Meals, Breakfast-On-The-Go, Immune Boost Smoothies, Desk Snack Hacks & Family Meal Plans.

Health & Lifestyle Tips

Covering a wide range of topics.

From Dental Health to Posture Alignment, Stress Relief to Boosting Focus, Organizing your Home Office, Managing Energy, and more.

Tips are tailored to fit the needs of employees,
and mitigate typical occupational health risks found within your workplace setting.

Content is written by Ergonomists, Finance Coaches, Clinical Psychologists and more.