Add dynamic content to your wellness portal with
Wellness Videos and Podcasts

Keep your remote workforce healthy and engaged, with a robust online wellness platform.

Dynamic wellness content such as wellness videos and podcasts, provide on-demand access for continued learning.

Wellness Videos

Provide On-demand health content for your intranet.

Keep your employee wellness portals dynamic with
5-30 minute byte-size wellness videos.

These cover a wide range of topics,
and delivered in multiple languages

Tailored to suit the needs of your organization.
From Morning Stretches for Manufacturing Employees, to Truck Workouts;
10 minute Lunchtime Desk Exercises, to 5 Minute Mindfulness Hacks;
3 Healthy Desk Snack Recipes, to Time Management Tips For Productivity.


Informal & Passive Learning. Engaging conversations with wellness experts.

Bespoke podcasts are curated to mitigate health risks found in your workplace, and combat issues experienced by employees.

Content can be scheduled to align with
global/regional health awareness months.

Delivered by wellness experts and social commentators,
podcasts can cover a range of work and lifestyle issues
from Healthy Parenting, to How to Handle A MicroManaging Boss;
Staying Motivated When Stressed, to How to Do More With Less.