Create bespoke
wellness programs,
or treat employees to
wellness perks.

Workplace Workouts

Improve Musculoskeletal & Cardiovascular Health with WORKBLISS Fitness Sessions. Perfect for pre/post-work and lunchtimes. These versatile workouts are adaptable to all industry settings including offices, factories, construction sites, healthcare, transportation and retail.

Stress Relief Initiatives

These creative outlets for stress relief work on multiple levels - improving mental wellbeing; enhancing social wellbeing; and creating a progressive work culture. These services are perfect for wellbeing weeks; wellness perks; and aligning with regional/global health awareness days.

Mental Health | Stress Prevention

WORKBLISS delivers a range of seminars to boost Mental Fitness. These can be taken as classroom based sessions; or delivered as webinars. Topics are current; tackling challenges faced by the 21st Century Workforce. Seminars are available as 60 minute talks; or half/full day training.


Improve cardiovascular health and general wellbeing, with our comprehensive range of Workplace Nutrition Initiatives. These provide engaging, and actionable tips for improved health behaviours.

Financial Wellbeing

Eliminate stress with our contemporary range of financial wellbeing workshops - providing creative solutions to money worries. These services are available as Lunch & Learns and 3-12 week bespoke programs.

Team Building

Promote social wellbeing with a range of team building sessions. These help to support a healthy workplace culture and boost mental health. Use for employee incentives; wellness perks; team offsites and wellbeing weeks.