Yoga/Chair Yoga

Yoga at work reduces sedentary habits, helping to boost cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health.
Available as 30/45/60 minute workouts.

Team Fitness Bootcamps

A great whole-body group fitness session that helps to build a healthy workplace culture.
Available as 30/45/60 minute workouts.

Boxing Workout Classes

A high-intensity fitness class that uses boxing inspired exercise moves to promote fitness.
Available as 30/45/60 minute workouts.

Dance Fitness Classes

A collection of dance-inspired workouts for a varied workplace fitness program. Included are Zumba, Hip Hop Dance Workshops, and B-Boy Workouts.


A fun workout, taught on an introductory level - inspired by tight rope walking. It requires tons of focus; agility; balance; and helps with core strength conditioning.

Tai Chi & QiGong

These exercises are suitable for all fitness levels, and wonderful for healthy ageing strategies. Great for heart health. Available as 30/45/60 minute workouts.

Martial Arts

A collection of sessions, designed to boost agility, strength and confidence. These include Capoeira and Kickboxing. A good way to promote discipline and improve wellbeing.

Nordic Walking

A fitness class that embraces the outdoors; and promotes mental, physical and social wellbeing.
Use for team away days and leadership retreats.

Smoothie Bikes

A great team bonding session that combines fun and fitness with fresh fruit and healthy nutrition. Available for wellbeing weeks and employee appreciation initiatives.

Parkour | FreeRunning

An introductory version to this subcultural sport takes place in a custom-built parkour facility. It provides a fun and modern way to promote fitness and build strength.

Pilates/Desk Pilates

This exercise builds up core strength and flexibility. An energy booster, with added benefits for musculoskeletal health. Available as 30/45/60 minute workouts.

Hula Hooping

A fun fitness workout that works on multiple levels - boosting musculoskeletal health, heart health, mental and social wellbeing. Available as 30/45/60 minute workouts.


A high-intensity workout, great for keeping the heart healthy. Use as a lunchtime energy booster.
Available as 30/45/60 minute workouts.

Silent Disco Yoga

A fun fitness class that blends music, yoga, dance and meditation. An engaging alternative to traditional yoga.
Available as 30/45/60 minute workouts.

Group Juggling Workouts

This workout is a fun exercise that reduces sedentary behaviour. It helps to burn calories; boost circulation; increase energy; and it provides a great way to bond teams.